Braless during COVID19 - will I ever go back?!

At this time of my life, I’ve discarded a lot of things.... including my bra. Okay okay, I’ll wear one to a business meeting if I’m wearing a sheer or see- through top, as let’s face it, I’m not interested in de-railing conversations, but there are few meetings right now in this age of COVID19, which leaves me wondering, will I ever go back.....

It’s seems I’m in good company....

Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Cyndi Lauper have all ditched theirs too.

And when I went googling to see what the world thinks of this - well it seems, it thinks a whole lot! Article after article espousing the pro's and con's - and I didn't realize it was such a hot debate. Being a sleepwear/ loungwear business, I thought it was worth investigating further.

To wear or not to wear, that is the question!

For me, it started out as a comfort thing as I had sore ribs for years, which was my body holding onto deep emotions, but now, with ribs back to normal, I ask myself, why do I have to go back to wearing a sling! I’m not about to make a feminist jibe about the fact that men don’t have to, but I do believe I’m entitled to make my own body choices based on my own needs.

The internet is peppered with every argument under the sun, and I couldn't even begin to summarise them, but some ideas are;

FOR:  Comfort, breast shape, encourage healthy breast tissue, improve your breast health....

AGAINST: Comfort, breast shape, encourage healthy breast tissue, improve your breast health....

WAIT! (This is where you hear the tyres of a car screech to a holt!)

These first arguments for and against look pretty similar to me? Admittedly this is not the full list, but I guess it proves that sometimes its the way you look at things..... So Dr Google was about a 2/10 in terms of help today.

It got me thinking, if I have made some clear decisions around this, what does everyone else think? So, here's some questions for you to contemplate????.......

Why do I wear a bra? Is it physiological (ie I need to) vs psychological (ie I am conditioned to do so)

Does it help me? Again, all personal preference.... but its a valid question, right? I am all about living my best life - the one that I was born to live, not the one I was corralled into leading.... I wasn't born with a bra, I am not so heavily breasted that I would need to wear one for comfort, so why then?

How long ago did you discard yours? Or do you still wear one?

How would I go about stopping wearing one? Could it be noticed and what do I think about that?

During this time of COVID19, where life is spent more or less at home for the most part, is NOW MY TIME to discard it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.... and lets keep this clean. :)

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