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Gift Buying Guide

We've thought long and hard about what information you need to feel reassured about buying for a someone you care about (that includes yourself!). And we fully understand that there are lots of qualities you are looking for to ensure your purchase is the perfect gift. So, I guess the question is, Why Us? Read on. We think you've got this season nailed by going with us....

  1. Fast & Free International Shipping! Pay no more than the price of the item, no matter how many you order or where you live in the world.
  2. Sizing - With a flexible fitting approach, you are safe with our kimonos in that you don't have to get the sizing 100% perfect like a shirt, pants, dress or other. We are so pleased to help you on info@beautiful-robes.com.au if this doesn't make complete sense. We get it 98% right, so we know we can get you a gift that your loved one will adore and fit just right.
  3. 100 Day Easy Returns - No questions asked, but we don't think you will need it. A terrific safety net nevertheless. 
  4. Testimonials - here is just a sample (we have more displayed in each product). We know how reassuring it is to see what other people have to say and we are very proud of our overall 4.5 star rating.
  5. In the Media - Our Kimono Robes have been Independently Reviewed by many major news publications, including Fairfax Media SMH Good Weekend  'best dressing gown in 'Dressing Gowns:  The List, Fairfax Valentine's Day Gift Guide, The Weekend Australia Feb 2017, Herald Sun, Love it! Feb 2017,  Traveller.com.au, and The Weekend Review to name just a few. You can't get any better than that!
  6. Ethical Manufacture - Highest quality super soft robes made by the ultimate Japanese artisans, making them durable, sensuous, everyday wear & simple to wash. More than that, you are contributing to keeping a craft alive that is very much on the brink of extinction. Take a moment to appreciate our making process. Expect each robe to keep for decades.
  7. Real Quality & Real Style - Classic styles, and we mean, timeless.... and colours creating a gorgeous look and comfort suiting all body shapes. Plus Sizes for curvaceous types through to the very short and very tall will fit any of our Long, Short or Jacket length kimonos.
  8. Suits all Climates - Great weight and design suited to all climates and lifestyle, no matter what the season, no matter what your lifestyle. Timeless designs for everyday wear - not just for looking at.
  9. Multiple Locations - Head Office, located in Melbourne, Australia distributes to Australia and rest of world, and our logistics centre in Texas, US distributes for US and Canada. We offer the best of both worlds – timely access to our artisan makers of our amazing Japanese Kimono Robes and two central International Distribution points. We offer Fast & Free speedy deliveries, no waiting for stock to arrive, nor ordering and finding out the item is stuck on a dock awaiting customs clearance. No - none of that with us!
  10. We are based in one of the world's fashion capitals, we understand your fitting and wear-ability needs well. We have a 98% fitting accuracy rate.
We LOVE to help you whenever possible so just look us up on info@beautiful-robes.com.au and we will get back to you.