Our Story

Welcome to Beautiful Robes.

We’re purveyors of timeless design for everyday enjoyment.

Our signature Japanese-made kimonos balance considered practicality with a simple, pared-back style.

Our existence represents a commitment to understanding you and your needs, as well as upholding authentic Japanese textile design - a treasured craft that has captivated humans for centuries, and still does today.

We’re passionate about sharing beautiful pieces that tell stories, spark conversation and attract admiration, but our ultimate success is in the way we make our customers feel. An embracement of beauty – both inside and out – epitomises the Beautiful Robes experience.

Our continual customer research and exclusive one-on-one service has informed the foundations and the future of our business. We do this by understanding you...ensuring you feel heard, welcome, comfortable and important within every layer of our business.

Wearing a Beautiful Robes garment is an opportunity to enjoy some daily luxury and escapism - a stylish and classic investment in self-care. 

From the precision of the fabric weaver, to the time-honoured art of cutting fabrics, every Beautiful Robes garment exudes unparalleled quality for enjoyment today, and for the years ahead. 

We look forward to greeting you, supporting you in the choice of your pieces and are excited to share in the joy and beauty of your daily ritual of self-care.


 Alison and the Beautiful Robes team x