The Making Process

How are Beautiful Robes Kimonos made and what are some of the advantages of a handmade piece?

Beautiful Robes Kimonos are 100% handmade from start to finish -  beginning with the dying, cutting, sewing, folding and quality checking process. We follow traditional processes that have been in existence for millennia, with skilled craftspeople who have trained in these ancient arts.

Symbolic of the styles and patterns seen on significant Japanese artworks, all patterns are designed by our kimono maker in Kyoto, Japan. 

Created into a 'Tan', this length and breadth of textile is necessary to Kimono creation, minimising waste and maximising the repeat of the pattern on the textile. One kimono uses a whole tan in its creation.

Once the raw creamy-white silk or cotton textile is woven, it is then dyed in small quantities and rolled into a tan bolt for cutting. The cutting of the kimono pieces is performed centrally on a traditional table, large in its length, for efficient and accurate cutting of the beautiful fabrics. Many of our artisans make our kimonos from their homes, so they do not have the space to lay the fabrics out to accurately perform this cutting process themselves. The sleeves, front and back panels, lapels and sash pieces are then delivered to our artisans for sewing.

Every kimono is created as a complete piece, making the kimono an extension of the maker herself. Our artisans work both in small sewing spaces, or from their homes. They are paid generously per unit created and many have been making kimonos for decades.

Due to this handmade process, there are some very minor variations in the product, meaning every piece is one-of-a-kind. Love, passion, culture and experience is poured into each piece.

Beautiful Robes kimono makers and their families all have a great sense of pride in what they do. This pride is sewn into the fabric of our kimonos, and gifted to the new owner of a handmade kimono, who has a great story behind the new edition to their wardrobe. Your Beautiful Robes Kimono will last decades. A piece to treasure, and we thank every single one of our makers for touching us with beauty in their craft every day.