Why Us?

You have reached this page because you have a problem. You need a bathrobe…..

Or at least you think you do. We want you to get to the end of this page, wholehearted knowing that you can trust us enough to provide you your next robe, and that you will possibly consider something new that you thought you would never try. We have a terrific track record (See Testimonials here) with supplying robes over the last 12 years. We want you to feel comfortable to tell your friends that they and we are fabulous, in fact, we know you will because we have a 40% repeat purchase rate. We know you will adore our robes because we understand your needs well.

We are not selling you ‘cool’ (even if our dressing gowns are). We want you to trust that our webstore, our business and robes have the integrity and values you need to make an investment with us. We will always back you. No matter. So please read on if this resonates with you….

We know what instigated you to look at getting a robe, why you need a dressing gown and how you want to purchase a bathrobe, whether it be for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a friend/ loved one. We have collated an enormous amount of research in the 9 years while servicing our global community. We have found out that…..:

You want…..

a comfortable robe to cover up when you get out of bed and before you have a shower in the morning. This is to ensure you don’t frighten the neighbours, loved-ones or housemates.

to lounge around on the weekend. When you are not rushing to get out the door, you make meals, watch a movie, read a book, cuddle the kids (grand-kids), pet the pets, potter & even work in your robe.

comfort. Lounging around when you come home from a hard day’s work or leisure (gardening, sport, yoga etc). When you think of your robe, we know you associate it with home, comfort and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle. It adds a layer, possibly the only layer, of relaxation and contentment to your day. You want a simple yet elegant way to unwind. And, when away from home, whether it be travelling or for hospital stays, nothing says comfort like your robe.

to impress someone or afford yourself some luxury & self-care (but we know that you don’t always really feel ok with purchasing it for this reason…..)

timeless style and tangible durability. You want choice that reflects your personal style. This is really important, as is sophistication and styling. It’s not so much about the price, particularly if the piece lasts decades. We know that when you find a dressing gown that you love, you typically wear it for years (if it lasts).

your robe to become a part of your identity at home. We know you will NEVER lend out your dressing gown or your underpants, they are just too personal.  This means this kimono purchase needs to be a special one.

to touch the robe, but it’s not so important if you receive great advice, help with fitting and sizing & a generous no-questions-asked Returns policy. You like a simple one-size fitting structure. Most importantly, you want to trust us with secure payments, returns, & delivery options and you want to be sure the item is in stock.

Sounds like an impossible set of needs? Some might say extreme, or even daunting. Well, we got you covered….. literally!

We have come up with the following offerings addressing all and more;

Reasons to LOVE Beautiful Robes

Fast & Free International Shipping! Pay no more than the price of the item, no matter how many you order or where you live in the world.

Highest quality super soft robes made by artisan experts from Kyoto, Japan, making them beautifully designed with unmatched quality and durability. Our kimonos will last you 10 plus years. Yes! Backtrack.... 10 years! I said YEAS!!!!

Stunning Quality & Sophisticated Style. Just what you asked for. Classic style with contemporary and traditional colours create a unique and sophisticated look, suiting all body shapes, from curvaceous through to the very tall. These are just some of the reasons a kimono serves as a great bathrobe alternative.

Wonderful weight and design suited to all climates and lifestyle, no matter what the season, no matter how you spend your time. For everyday wear & simple wash.

Distributing from one centrally located inventory managed location Melbourne, Australia. The advantage to you is that we can dispatch your order, when you order it. There are no customs delays, no hidden costs or bulk importation issues. No, none of that from us.

We are based in one of the world's great fashion capitals, Melbourne Australia, and we understand your fitting and wear-ability needs well. Our staff are highly skilled and experienced at assisting you finding a 98% fitting accuracy rate. We LOVE helping on info@beautiful-robes.com.au or via Facebook Messenger.

We keep you impressively secure.  We have been trading for 9 years and have 256-bit encryption (same as all the banks) and McAfee Security Certificates, keeping your money and credit cards safe. We also offer the safety of Paypal, and the convenience of Afterpay and Zippay.

You can easily access our 100-day Money Back Guarantee, ridiculously easy returns policies, and 3-month product warranties, making it a no-risk purchase. Our Customer Services and business policies are founded with over 25 years’ experience. We have never had the objective of selling low cost bathrobes. Rather, our primary objective is to provide a great robe and a great experience.

Because of our reputation, reviews, business experience and all of the above, Beautiful Robes make the most fail-proof bathrobe to solve your problem AND the best gift idea on the planet!  If you need any further great reasons why, or more information on our product range, please feel free to contact us on info@beautiful-robes.com.au.

A final note, if the above didn’t get you…. if you find yourself reading this, I’m sure it’s because like us, you don't want to be wrapped in quirky doggy-print, slipping around in horrid cheap satin or the colour puce. All wrong!