Ethics & Sustainability

Ethical standards

We are completely committed to ethical trade and we also strive to develop corporate responsibility. Good corporate behaviour is incorporated into all aspects of our operations, from our talented makers in Japan, to our operations and marketing team in Melbourne. When measuring performance of the business, we don't just consider financial factors; we constantly review social, environmental, and ethical indicators.

How does purchasing a Beautiful Robes Kimono help save the art of traditional Japanese kimono making?

Each and every Beautiful Robes Kimono sold is another step closer to keeping this beautiful art of traditional dress alive. As the demand for Beautiful Robes kimonos increases, so too does the demand for kimono makers. Whether it’s older makers maintaining their skills or younger makers learning the craft, it all helps to ensure these traditional timeless designs will continue being produced for many years to come.

Not only does the production and sale of every Beautiful Robes Kimono help preserve traditional Japanese crafts, it also improves living standards and creates cultural pride for our makers and their families.