Dream Big

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Our Men's Dream Big Lifestyle Collection is a call to inspire what is truely possible.  It asks us to dream large and enjoy some of the spoils of the hard work you put in every day. This Collection genuinely offers you the feeling of abundance, getting the work-life balance right & building your life into something quite extraordinary. Bringing you inspiration, style, culture and a love for life, our men's kimonos fit perfectly into your world, no matter what it looks like.

Inspired by masculine yet practical colours and a sharp but unstructured style, our kimonos are versatile and trans-seasonal; they are perfect for wearing at home, as day wear, at night or for travel.

Team with a shirt & jeans and boat shoe as an unstructured jacket for a dinner date, use as a the first thing you put on when you get home, poolside on on holiday and importantly before or after-shower getting ready.  Elevating you  - this kimono lifts your lifestyle to a whole new level.

A big thanks to the Fosters for allowing us to use their amazing home, vehicles and grounds. A family who upholds the strongest of family bonds, who have together worked hard to achieve great things.  They continue to work hard and play hard, and together as an extended family, truly adore the life they have created.

Photography: @traceyleehayes  Hair/ Makeup: @mariagullace  Talent: @jonoedmeades Jeans & pants: Flux Label

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