Cotton Kimonos

Our Cotton Kimonos are 100% Japanese cotton and are incredibly soft and become softer and softer each time you wash them.

When you receive your kimono, you will find it has been starched so that it arrives to you folded neatly for transportation. Once you wash it, you will find that the fibres loosen up and is soft on even the most delicate of skins.

Our cotton kimonos are nothing like the sometimes scratchy thick linen fabrics used in antique kimonos. We have selected fabrics and designs for today's climate and conditions and the luxurious nature of the cotton that is used will impress.

Our kimonos should last you a decade at least.

They come in Plus Sizes, Mens and Womens. Our lengths are Long (kimono or yukata), Short (happi coat) and Jacket (haori coat or hanten) lengths.

We hope you enjoy our range.