Japanese Kimonos: Top 10 occasions to wear your kimono

by Alison Schipp June 02, 2020

Japanese Kimonos: Top 10 occasions to wear your kimono

Here we discuss the Top 10 occasions to wear your kimono robe. It seems like this is one of the most versatile pieces in our wardrobes, but many do not realise its potential and adaptability.  We share some hints and tips on how you can be seen wearing your kimono robe everyday.

A little while ago we did some research to understand our customers better, to ensure we were delivering truly great products and services. Over 250 people responded to our questionnaire and this is how they answered our question "What is the top reason you wear your kimono?".

Before we get onto the results, a bit of background because kimonos are such an interesting garment with a serious amount of history.  In a snapshot, Kimonos remained as everyday garments for ordinary Japanese women until after World War II, when they began wearing more and more Western clothes. 

Kimonos were thus, very sadly, relegated to formal wear worn only on special occasions. But here at Beautiful Robes we thought carefully about how to use these beautiful wearable arts and have transformed their use, considering them more as an everyday garment in western culture for everyday life.   A helpful hand of the wardrobe, a friend. A beautiful piece to assist us at so many different times of day. 

If Japanese women could wear their kimonos all day, working in fields, working in offices or running a household, when we discovered this incredible garment, we felt like we had discovered the worlds most practical wardrobe piece.

Now, times have moved on, so we aren't suggesting you should wear your kimono while gardening (although, that does sound like a nice idea) but we do tip the work idea.  And as we have westernized its wearability by not wearing the traditional thick "obi" (belt), it has seen our kimonos (and others) popping up in all kinds of places. 

As a note to new wearers or soon to be new wearers of Beautiful Robes kimonos, we have opted for the simple tie or sash just like a dressing gown. This makes it the perfectly weighted simple bathrobe or dressing gown. And, of course, you can wear any belt to dress it up, or no belt at all. You'll get the picture once we continue on a bit.....

So, Japanese kimonos are awesome, that's that.  And there are a few different types, which we will tackle another time, however we point out here simply that there are a few different lengths, ranging from a short jacket length, through to the full floor kissing hemlines of the kimono. This makes a difference with styling.

There are so many great uses of the kimono.  We have listed some of their top uses here, just to whet your appetite for how you may choose to wear your kimono..... really, the imagination is the only limitation.

10 Top Reasons to wear your kimono robe

A little while ago we did some research to back up our information below. Over 250 people responded to our questionnaire. This is how our respondents answered our question "What is the top reason you wear your kimono"

1. Wake Up Routine - Its a comfortable robe to cover up when you get out of bed and before you have a shower in the morning. This is to ensure you don’t frighten the neighbours, loved-ones or housemates. :)

2. Post work or Weekend Lounging - Perfect for lounging around on the weekend. When you are not rushing to get out the door, you make meals, watch a movie, read a book, cuddle the kids (grand-kids), pet the pets, potter & even work in your robe. Wear with sash or not!

3. Post Activity -  perfect for Lounging around when you come home from a hard day’s work or leisure (gardening, sport, yoga etc). When you think of your robe, we know you associate it with home, comfort and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle (we've done research on this!). It adds a layer, possibly the only layer, of relaxation and contentment to your day. You want a simple yet elegant way to unwind. 

4. Seduction - to impress someone or afford yourself some luxury & self-care. Team it with a super special nightwear piece, beautiful lingerie or nothing! I think anything goes in this field!

5. A Beach Cover up - perfect for throwing into the beach bag, or heading to the beach in your favourite swimwear.  No belt required.  You can choose a kimono length and pattern that reflects your personal style. I'll give you the tip - its great to assist with managing sun exposure - we all need to take care of ourselves.

6. Wear out - wearing out for coffee, shopping or at night. Wearing a simple pant and shirt combo really makes your gorgeous kimono stand out. Belt it up, wear open, layer up under it if its cold. Really, the world is your oyster. And now we have restrictions lifted a little, I think a pop of colour is EXACTLY what everyone needs.

7.  Travel - my favourite piece to travel with. I can go from shower, to beach to sightseeing to lunch to spa to dinner all wearing the one piece. Saves hugely on jackets and cover ups and is a super space saver in the bag. I always feel like I'm rocking an extravagant travel budget on a backpackers bank balance (well, backpacker no more (harder to do with a bunch of young kids), but you get the picture!).

8. Hospital stays - best option ever - loose fitting, breathable and a seriously gorgeous talking point. We've have had lots of feedback over the years about how our Japanese kimonos make people actually feel better after their procedures! I'm going to do some research on this in the coming year.

9. Bridal Robes - who can forget. Mother of the Bride, Bridal parties, bridal shower, getting-ready on the day - these are timeless pieces that your bride and bridal party will remember forever. Our kimonos last over 10 years, so they will be wearing them still, remembering that day, when you a celebrating your 10th anniversary. Invite them to wear it to a gathering! How fun!

10. And finally Work -  Looks great no matter where you work. My sister is a primary school teacher and wears a jacket length for her little ones. Use it as a colourful pop in the boardroom too - I think femininity in the office is often overlooked, so our kimonos delivery that in spades and offer an opportunity for those stuck in a rut to think outside the square. 

Well, there are just a few good applications of when you might consider wearing your kimono robe. We love our kimonos here and believe there are unlimited reasons as to why you would want to wear your kimono.

And if you associate your kimono robe as a before bed type thing and can't visualise using it out on the street, get yourself another. We have so many customers who do the same. Repeat purchases and word of mouth is our greatest form of referral - and the greatest form of flattery.

For more fun articles, join us at VIP LIST SIGNUP - we offer inspiration and great sales 4 times a year. So don't be worried about being contacted too often.


Alison x

PS - see below for some AWESOME snaps of uses.


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Alison Schipp
Alison Schipp


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