Kimono Robe or Yukata: What is the difference?

Japanese Kimono Robes have different names and classifications, but wearing them everyday as a kimono robe for women or men means that this terminology becomes less relevant.

Here we discuss the terminology, highlighting the differences and we explain how we have broken the terms down for everyday kimono robe wear, so you need not be concerned with the traditional terms. Then again, if you want to, this is a useful article to explore a little more about this incredible artisan craft.

So, what kind of wearer are you? Do you just want a cute swimsuit coverup, an after shower kimono robe for women or a floor-kissing kimono cardigan or jacket for daytime/ evening casual wear? Or are you the first time wearer who LOVES a Japanese traditional kimono robe OR an aficionado who loves everything Japanese and are obsessed with the ritual and details surrounding these amazing garments?

No matter who you are, you might be wondering which you should choose, Kimono Robe or Yukata? And if you are not wondering this, don't be alarmed - we have debunked the need for the terms - just to be straight up.

So, there are normally a few differences, but here we discuss the length and the finish.


If you go to Japan, there are normally many lengths offered, which are used to fit the kimono or Yukata to a particular point on the wearer. At this shop, we only offer a few lengths - jacket (haori coat), Short (happi coat) and Long (Kimono Robe or Yukata) and Plus Size.

At Beautiful Robes we have simplified length, as we discovered after years of operation, our gorgeous customers are not tying the kimono robe the traditional way, as they are wearing them as a dressing gown, swimsuit coverup, kimono cardigan or bathrobe. Therefore it is not important to have it precisely fitted at a particular length on the wearer. We can offer this precision fitting service and have sizing charts easily found on each product page of our website. However what we know about you is that you like to wear them everyday, making the complex matter of traditional wearing obsolete.  This makes them SOOOOO easy as kimono robe gifts as there are just a few highly desirable lengths to choose from - SIMPLE!


A Kimono Robe: Kimono robes are traditionally full length (long) and smooth and glossy. A womens kimono robe is traditionally a more formal item, worn for special occasions. 

A Yukata:  It’s traditionally more casual than Kimono robes made from 100% cotton fabric and they were originally made especially for summer.  It effectively wicks moisture away from the body, making it very comfortable. It is however now worn all year around.

The look and feel of a Kimono robe and Yukata are almost the same based on the way we make them and so we have grouped them all together, ignoring the "traditional names" aside from length and fabric type - cotton, silk and poly sateen, just to keep things really simple. 

After 10 years of business operation you have informed us that you don't care if it is Cotton Sateen or Cotton, rather, you are interested purely in the pattern.  So, we removed the word 'sateen' from the description and have lumped the fabrics into the groupings Silk, Cotton and Poly. 

So, there you have it. There are some differences, and we have found a wonderful way of expressing those differences in a modern way, for you to wear them every day. If you have any questions about this, please reach out - we'd ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear from you on - or sign up for our VIP List - where we offer hints and tips and 4 great sales per year.

Cotton Robes

Long Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as womens Kimono robes or Yukata

Kimono robe yukata cotton 

Short Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Happi Coat 

Happi Coat cotton kimono robe 

Short Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Haori Coat 

Haori Coat


Silk Robes 

Long Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Kimono  

Silk kimono robe japanese kimono 

Short Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Happi Coat 

Short kimono silk happi coat 

Poly Sateen

Long Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Kimono

Kimono happi coat poly sateen

Short Kimono Robe - Traditionally know as Happi Coat

Kimono Poly sateen Japanese kimono