Small Businesses: How do Testimonials help them?

Why do small businesses like reviews? Well, Testimonials from real life customers are really the only credible way of us proving we are what we say we are and that our kimono robes for women and men are actually as good as we make out.

Big businesses have massive marketing budgets who can afford incredible imagery, professional story telling & have big PR budgets.

I'll tell you how it looks in a small businesses - We have a small, fully allocated budget to attract customers (no big budgets, no professional copywriters and no ad agencies involved). For the last 7 years I have employed a talented man from Bangladesh (Samad) to manage our google accounts. We complete all photoshoots on the sniff of an oily rag, with me the creative, a lean and most awesome photography team (@traceyleehayes), generous talent (a few to mention) and makeup/hair (@mariagullace) who know our aesthetic and style incredibly well. We do not pay for our shoot locations as we don't have budget 😱. And I write all copy and test it on my friends for sanity (this assumes they are sane!? ;) ) we have NO PR budget and no gun social media team with massive resources at their fingertips and wholistic strategies to maximise the value of a customer...... (breath). Again, just little old me doing what I think will resonate with our customers. And we like it this way!

Now, to say I don't have any skills would be incorrect too. Firstly, I have operated Beautiful Robes for 10 years now, and have learnt a huge amount from our customers along the way.  I have a degree in Marketing and Management and I am constantly furthering my education with as much richness as I can on a daily / weekly/ monthly basis. I don't have time for MBA's though, as I am a busy single mum who needs to keep food on the table and I need to keep my business humming, but I regularly enrol in online classes and am a part of a mentor program to ensure that the skills are as sharp as possible. Loving a bit of professional and personal growth along the way!

Therefore, any Testimonials/ Reviews you write for us are worth GOLD! Where EVERYONE IS A WINNER, meaning, you win, we win and our future customers win as they really have the full picture, rather than just a marketing machine telling them what they want to hear.

SOOOOOO, GO FOR IT! Head to and select the product you chose, scroll to the bottom of the page, and leave a review and we will love you to the moon and back! You can do the same on Facebook.

Tony who left the review featured today, purchased 2 men's kimono robes. We shipped them to Dubai, UAE and he's coming back for more. Yay! Thanks Tony!  Tony purchased these below if you are interested - great choices!

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