Welcome. We're glad you could spend a few minutes...

Welcome. We're glad you could spend a few minutes. Are you new to the idea of wearing a Japanese kimono as a bathrobe, or are you interested in the concept and beauty of simple, timeless ideas? Well, welcome aboard!

We are using this platform as a way to communicate a little more about us. Our integrity, what motivates us, the things we value and the people that support, influence and shape us. And interestingly, it's not all about product promotion! In fact, we are minimalist at heart..... a group of driven people who are doing their best to live an intentional life.

That's not as ironic as it sounds, by the way. Our kimonos are actually extremely functional, and multi-purpose. 

So, in this blog, we are looking forward to sharing our inspiration and connection to Japanese aesthetics, all of which support the view of simplicity, multi-functionality and highly-purposeful living.

Whilst we focus on Japanese design and function, we step outside of this too.  And one thing we have learnt is that the beauty of life is abundant in the simple things - like reading the paper, cuddling the kids, cooking nutritious food..... all which we do in our bathrobes, and all of which helps us connect with the most important people in our lives - our family, friends, and ourselves.

We want to touch your life, helping you feel calm, relaxed and serene.

So again, we're so pleased you dropped by....