Incense Holder Set
Incense Holder Set
Incense Holder Set
Incense Holder Set
Incense Holder Set

Incense Holder Set

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Enrich your relaxing incense ritual with this simple-designed brass Incense Holder Set. This set, which includes two types of stands and a plate, is all you need for various shapes and sizes of incense.

To hold POJ Studio's Sen Incense, use the ball and plate, and for the cone incense made with our Incense Kit, use the small stand with ridges.


The incense holder is crafted by Nousaku, a metal casting family business located in Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture. This town, which centers around one of Japan’s great (metal) Buddhas, flourished into a metalwork district 400 years ago with the support of feudal lord Maeda. Nousaku, founded in 1916, started its business making Buddhist ritual objects and traditional Japanese tea sets. Adapting to the shift in lifestyle, the current president (5th generation) decided to start making beautiful home accessories using metal-casting techniques, which have been passed down through generations.


Plate: Ø77 x 7 mm (Ø3 x 0.2”)
Stick stand: Ø16 x 16 mm (Ø0.6 x 0.6”)
Stand with ridges: 15 x 15 x 5 mm (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5”)


The Incense Holder will retain heat after use. Please cool it down before touching its surface.
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Feeling the Love


Gorgeous robe that feels so fresh and luxurious when I wear it, the colour is gorgeous and the robe is so comfortable, just love these robes I bought 2 and one for Mum :)

Manly, NSW

New Cowboy Attire: Finally, a light & airy robe for hot, humid summer evenings. I am 6 ft., 250 lbs & the Plus size Cotton Kimono was large enough to go around me and down to my feet. I haven't seen anything even close to this robe from other high end retailers. Five stars!

Roger B
Topeka, Kansas US


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