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Ten Tea

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We are honored to bring you the fruit of hard labor by POJ Studio's friends, the Hori family, a team of women who own and manage a 100-year-old tea plantation. 

A high-quality green tea that uses the same leaves to make matcha. It uses the ‘first picked’ tea shoots, which is known to be the highest grade and densely rich in nutrients - notably catechins. As these leaves are mostly reserved for matcha, Ten tea is rarely produced. Enjoy the rich and fresh flavors of this green tea in the morning for a caffeine pick-me-up without the crash.

Along the slopes of the mountains in Wazuka lies rows of neatly trimmed terraces of tea bushes. With its fresh air and wave in temperature variation during the day, it is the ideal climate for its production. 2 hectares (5 acres) of this region belong to Kirokuen, a tea plantation succeeded, owned, and managed by a mother and her two daughters.


TEA QUANTITY: 5g / 2tbsp
WATER QUANTITY: approx. 120 ml / 4oz

Perfect to brew in our Naneki Teapot. 


MADE IN: Wazuka, Kyoto
MADE BY: The Hori Family
DIMENSIONS: 95 x 200 x 55mm

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Women Wrap of Fabric (at Waist, Hip & Bust) Length (Collar to Hem) Height of Wearer Fits Dress Sizes
Jacket Kimono 132cms or 53" 87cm or 35" unlimited Up to US 10/ AUS 14 UK 14 
Short Kimono 134cms or 54" 105cms or 42" unlimited Up to US 10/ AUS 14 UK 14 
Long Kimono 153cms or 61" 142cms or 56" min height 5'2" or 155cms Up to US 18/ AUS 20/ UK 20
Plus Size Kimono 178cms or 71" 142cms or 56" min height 5'2" or 155cms More than US 18/ AUS 20/ UK 20
Men Wrap of Fabric (at Waist & bust) Length (Collar to Hem) Height of Wearer Fits Shirt Sizes
Haori Jacket 132cms or 53" 87cm or 35" unlimited Up to XXL
Short Kimono 142cms or 56" 112cms or 45" unlimited Up to XXXL
Long Kimono 168cms or 67" 145cms or 58" min height 5'5" or 165cms Up to XXXL
Plus Size Kimono 188cms or 75" 155cms or 62" min height 5'5" or 165cms ABOVE XXXL



Feeling the Love


Gorgeous robe that feels so fresh and luxurious when I wear it, the colour is gorgeous and the robe is so comfortable, just love these robes I bought 2 and one for Mum :)

Manly, NSW

New Cowboy Attire: Finally, a light & airy robe for hot, humid summer evenings. I am 6 ft., 250 lbs & the Plus size Cotton Kimono was large enough to go around me and down to my feet. I haven't seen anything even close to this robe from other high end retailers. Five stars!

Roger B
Topeka, Kansas US


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