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Our Garments

Cool Climates and Kimonos?

Our Beautiful Robes have been selected as a fantastic option whether hot or cool.  The feedback we have received from our clients is that the robe is great no matter what time of year, as it normally is worn over the top of your pyjamas or other leisure wear.   As the robe is worn quite long it and the fabric is a great weight, our robes perform extremely well where-ever you may be. 

Do your kimonos come with a belt/ sash?

Yes they do. They are attached inside one of the sleeves of the robe for shipping.  It is easily removed ready for use.  It is the same fabric as your robe.  

It is recommended to wear our basic sash - we do not state that you have to wear a traditional Obi like many other retailers.  Our kimono robes are to be worn everyday - as a bathrobe, dressing gown, robe or loungewear. 

Care Instructions for Silk and Cotton Kimonos

Washing instructions are shown on the care tag inside each robe and we have featured Care instructions on each Product Description for your convenience.

Silk: dry clean only like all other silk products on the market, however we have been tipped off that the English Royal family in ancient times used to use hair shampoo as a very effective method of keeping their silk looking fantastic.  If you are experienced with washing silk, you will find them easy.

Cotton: wash on a gentle warm cycle (40 degrees) with like-coloured garments.  Cotton Iron Setting, and line-drying is recommended. Your robe gets softer and more luxurious with each wash.  

I am pregnant. Will your robes fit my tummy?

Our robes are perfect for pre and post natal mums.  In fact that was one of the incentives for selecting this style of robe as they have a flexible fitting which has a large amount of fabric to cover mummy-to-be's bump.  The weight of our robes are also ideal as pre-natal mums can actually be quite hot, so the breathability of the cotton is really perfect.  Once baby arrives, the robe becomes an irreplaceable asset for breastfeeding, night-time wake ups and those days that you just don't seem to get out of your robe!  At least this way you look FANTASTIC!


Where do you ship?

You have landed on our US online store, which if you live in the US, you will find most useful. If you live outside of the US, you will need to head to www.beautiful-robes.com.au where we ship free to over 100 countries.

Are all your items in stock?

We hold a generous level of stock.  We know what sells well. All items displayed are inventory controlled and are in stock guaranteed.

In some cases, we show an item to be available, but we let you know it is on the way to our Warehouse. This is really obvious, so if you are in a rush, go for something else.

If you order something and for some strange reason we have not got the item on hand, we will contact you immediately with an estimated time of delivery. 

If waiting a couple of days is unacceptable to you, we are very happy to go through the alternatives, or if it is best, refund your purchase price.  This seems to happen rarely as there are so many gorgeous robes to choose from.

Sometimes we do have Waitlists, where we do not have stock. It is very clear when these are on offer and you are fully aware of going on a Waitlist.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@beautiful-robes.com.au.

How much is Shipping?

It's free, it's free, it's free free free!  We provide a fast & free shipping service!  No surprises. 

Most orders will ship out within a day of ordering (we do not ship Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays), however some orders will take 24-48 hours to process. Your order will be shipped via Standard USPS Shipping unless you select an alternative Express Shipping alternative.

We ship orders to all of the United States.

Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Time  Price
Standard Shipping within US est < 5 business days FREE!
Express Shipping within US* 1 - 2 business days $9.50 USD

Your Shipping Confirmation email will provide you with a tracking link.

*Express Delivery Shipping - Orders placed after 1 PM (AEST) will not ship until the next business day. 

Can I come to a store and try on a kimono?

At this stage we do not have a retail network. We sell our items exclusively online. However, that is not to say that we may not be planning something in future!

If you would like to see our robes and other items in person, this isn't possible. But, we do have extremely generous policies where shipping is FREE and we also offer a 100 days no questions return policy. This means you can try the item out, with no down side. Makes for a low risk gift.



The currency on this site is $USD. The payment gateways we use are Stripe and Paypal, which have proven themselves over time to be extremely secure and reliable. We believe that offering you a Secure Transaction is of the highest priority.


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Sustainability and Preserving a Craft

How does purchasing a Beautiful Robes Kimono help save the art of traditional Japanese kimono making?

Each and every Beautiful Robes Kimono sold is another step closer to keeping this beautiful art of traditional dress alive. As the demand for Beautiful Robes kimonos increases, so too does the demand for kimono makers. Whether it’s older makers maintaining their skills or younger makers learning the craft, it all helps to assure these traditional timeless designs will continue being produced for many years to come.

Not only does the production and sale of every Beautiful Robes Kimono help preserve traditional Japanese crafts, it also improves living standards and creates cultural pride for our makers and their families. 

Ethical standards

We are completely committed to ethical trade and we also strive to develop corporate responsibility. Good corporate behaviour is incorporated into all aspects of our operations, from our talented makers in Japan, to our operations and marketing team in Melbourne. When measuring performance of the business, we don't just consider financial factors; we constantly review social, environmental, and ethical indicators.